The Kooples Fall/Winter 2013 Is For Heroin Chic Tongue Kissing

Every country has their menswear buzzwords: America gets "Americana" (no shit) and Italy has their "sprezzatura", but it's impossible to ignore the fact that the word most commonly associated with menswear of the French persuasion is "cool". And The Kooples F/W 2013, though ironically English in nature, is just that: totally super kool. If Hedi Slimane wasn't such a pretentious twat this would be the kind of shit littering his inspiration board.

Continuing the great European tradition of rocknrolla couture, the brand is a sort of baroque hybrid between Saint Laurent, Sandro, Balmain and Lanvin. Leather trimming, 3 button sportcoats (courtesy of tailoring institution Norton & Sons) and stovepipe denim all make reliable appearances but it’s the Couples shots that really sell the the whole lifestyle thing. What does The Kooples lifestyle involve? Dressing up like a fancy Ramone while tongue kissing all-star members of the heroin chic club obviously.

  • LogeyDubs92

    What’s Japan’s buzzword? Sweden?! Shit, ENGLAND!? I WANT TO KNOW ALL THE BUZZWORDS

  • Paul Broggan

    The older gentemen reminds me of this video –


    Rock&roll chic at its best! This collection oozes design confidence. As good as I have seen for some time.

  • danielheard

    Air-fucking-tight. We’ve drifted too comfy dad prep, and this is the antidote. And by we, I mean me.