Learning About Maturity Via Sneakers

It's pretty apparent that as of late Nike has been going in on all their off the radar classics, the latest number being the Ultramarine Air 180 OG. It's really strange that I don't find the faux-vintage yellowing highly offensive like I did with these. Shit, I actually kind of like the yellowing. That's called maturity, guys. The Air 180 is one of the most underrated out of all the OG Nike runners, which I suspect is about to change now that these are about to drop some time next month at NSW retailers.

4 Responses to “Learning About Maturity Via Sneakers”

  1. Meltcha Yan

    I have a feeling that the writer of this post is probably just learning about physical maturity, as well. Anyone over 20 years old knows that saying these sneakers are a “hidden gem” or “off the radar” is just idiotic. These have a cult following among Nike aficionados, and have released countless times over the decades. These are in no way, nor have they ever been, under the radar, at least not for discerning Nike fans.

    • Daniel So

      Sometimes people forget the average Four Pins reader is no discerning sneakerhead/Nike aficionado. Save the elitism for NT.


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