Levels Or Whatever

I'm not gonna lie, this Jil Sander shirt jacket thing is a little weird on its own. But if you're still buying pieces just to wear on their own, you're a fucking barbarian. Now, it's all about putting together incredibly complicated alphets that involve more layers and levels than that one song about levels or whatever. You buy this ill slander jacket because you probably have a murdered out long shirt or tee of some sort to wear underneath it. Then, not only do you have that reverse layering game going on, but you have some color blocking too. If you ever want to impress a basic chick that still watches Project Runway and calls every shirt with a collar a "button down," talk about color blocking. Basic bitches love basic fashion buzzwords.

  • fuccyouraunty

    ima fuck jon moy bitch

  • guest

    this isn’t colour blocking there are no colours here okay jon moy don’t lose your edge

  • Jim

    that button down gag has been recycled from a previous post ….