Be Like Daiki

Whenever I see some behind the scenes footage or shots from a runway show or presentation, I'm always struck by how the designers dress themselves. I always expect Daiki Suzuki to be wearing a weird popover, an apron, a tunic and weird, baggy fatigue pants, but a lot of the time he just has a white polo and regular ass pants on. Granted, he's Daiki Suzuki, so he can wear whatever the fuck he wants, but I’m always surprised by the white polo. BUT NOW I CAN GET MY OWN EG POLO AND BE LIKE DAIKI. You know, minus the talent and vision and cool life. This polo is also made from terry cloth, which means on days you wear this shirt you can forgo draping a terry cloth towel over your shoulder as that would be redundant.

  • alek

    you should write an article about how designers dress, because that always surprises me too, like a lot of them dress like normal old white guys, BUT WHY?

    • fuckshit

      black trousers and a white shirt are standard designer gear
      is it disingenuous to design stuff covered in flowers yet wear nothing but funeral appropriate attire

  • Adam Fischer

    yo Moy, fashion is redundant. Id get caught rocking this ONLY IF I had a contrasting towel to be like “what up fools, ter on ter today what you know about that”

  • Cameron Wolf

    a shockingly fair price tag

    • nerd-182

      we have such weird standards that 150 is a “fair price” for a white polo…

      • Cameron Wolf

        Think Moy said it best today: “I know, it’s a sad day when a $274 sweatshirt [sub for 150 for an EG polo] is considered fairly affordable, but, c’mon, this is Four Pins.”

      • Cameron Wolf

        A lot of the time I click on a link on this site it’s a t-shirt for like twice the price for this polo. Welcome to the nxtlvl.

        • nerd-182

          Oh i agree, luxury has a price point you have to adjust to, but it’s just funny. my parents get mad about j. crew pricing, my brother gets mad about kohl’s pricing. everyone has different standards. it’s just funny.