Like A Wack Version Of Kanye West

I'm really, really into these redrum 'Gielas. It's all good though because I'm, like, 85% sure I wrote about all red sneakers 5 months before the Red Octobers were even announced, which means when I buy these sneakers and somebody (i.e. my smartass girlfriend or asshole fashion friends) says, "Aww, you're like a wack version of Kanye. Like, if Kanye's resolution was compressed from HD to a tiny bitmap image." Then, I can say, "I WANTED RED SNEAKERS FIRST. IT'S DOCUMENTED ON THE INTERNET," which will in turn convince 100% of no one, but at least I'll know. I'LL KNOW THE TRUTH.

  • Dagoat Man

    that last bit actually made me laugh – props to the pins

  • Dillon

    When Woolf name-drops Kanye it’s always super-brick and next levels of SUS but Moy manages it without sounding like a stan/fuccboi.

    #TeamMoy #FireWoolf