No Longer Apologizing For Your Drug Habit

Shout out to Our Legacy for making an expensive ass beanie that I’d actually buy. Granted, I’d still be embarrassed to admit out loud to real, actual people that I paid one hundred dollars for a knit hat, but deep down I wouldn’t actually regret it. I’ve gone far past the point of regretting spending inordinate amounts of money on clothing. It’s like a drug habit that you no longer apologize for. “You stole a CD player for drugs? Who even uses CDs anymore?” And it's like, “I’m a drug addict, man. Are you really that surprised?”

  • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)

    There’s literally nothing that puts this apart from like $5 beanies though

    • queb

      It’s those little ridges man. 13 little ridges by my count so less than 10 bucks a ridge. You can’t complain, that’s good economy of ridge.

      • Sus (Pronounced Sooz)


  • lol

    whats the difference between this hat and a regular beanie?

    • burned

      about 95 bucks. You did ask

  • theneedledrap

    light to decent 6