Look At A Bunch Of Carhartt WIP Employees Stand Around Wearing Carhartt WIP

Our intrepid Supreme street style beat photographer Mike Knapp recently headed to NYC's Carhartt Work In Progress store on Crosby St. because he was influenced by Four Pins into liking the brand. In fact, he ended up liking WIP so much that he decided to stick around to take some photographs. The photos feature the retail location's real life employees whom, you guessed it, wearing head to toe Carhartt WIP gear on the job as well as the recently released A.P.C. x Carhartt collection. You should care about his because it showcases one of our favorite labels and stores in downtown New York that you all should check out if you want to be even the least bit bit relevant. Tell 'em Four Pins sent ya so we seem important and they hook us up with free shit.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • huiche7

    that honeydip doe

  • Reply

    is this a bape collab??????

    • Logic

      no an apc collab

  • Gob

    Where are all the customers?

  • ithinkithoughtthiswasyelp

    I walked in here around the time the store opened and the 6 associates huddled around the computer didn’t look up once to acknowledge the possibility of a potential shopper (empty store). Same ding dongs in the pictures. Actually very similar to the picture of the cash wrap – except heads down. When I inquired about a price regarding one of the basic pieces to see if they were marked up or not, I was told, I had to “pay to play”. Wait, what? No you fucking dolt, I don’t. I also don’t think mr. guy had any idea Carhartt has been around longer than the WIP store has been open…oh and um, is the uniform for a large percentage of blue collar workers. Bunch of buttholes.

    • BZLC

      Shame man, the Euro and Australian WIP staff are all friendly and it’s always a good experience. Hype has got the US up in a knot it seems, what’s up with the “cool competition” going on over there.

      • tihofil

        Yeah I agree, I bought some stuff in their store in Manchester and I was really surprised how friendly the staff was. I guess they don´t mind being helpful and looking cool at the same time.

    • pipokun

      hah no lie. staff there are streetwear new jacks that act too cool for school.

  • Naomi

    So cool

  • UnimpresseD

    They people suck ass there’s no one shopping there because it’s marked up shit you can get a bass pro, so you’d think they would look up if a person tried to ask about anything.

  • cusone

    It’s Angie from ALIFE

  • http://www.bucketsandspadesblog.com/ Matthew Pike

    Love the gear but had similar with the staff, though i’m sure it’s not all like that

    Buckets & Spades

  • Black Fuzzy Beard Guy

    So crazy top post was the same experience I had walking in their. The Black guy with the frizzy beard just stared at his computer and acted mad, at least he didn’t say hello or smile and then spoke a word without looking up.

    This is no way to treat customers and this guy needs a serious talking too, and/or ass kicking, but hopefully a talking to would do the trick cause maybe he’s a really nice guy that is just mean and rude to others?

    Really bad experience!