Looking Like Someone Who’s Constantly On The Brink Of Masturbation

Check out these highly acceptable sweatpants from Urban Outfitter's highly unnecessary in house brand BDG.I think $49 slim sweatpants are something we can all pretty much get on board with because Moy is straight off the rails with the rate at which he's writing about $300+ casual pants. On one hand, I can get down with the egregiously expensive breed of sweatpants because, for one, FASHION, and two, they make the people who buy them feel like they don't look like someone who's constantly on the brink of masturbation (as is often the case with regular sweatpants). But having seen these joints in person and seen how nice they actually are, even if I opted to not kawp because I was wearing raw denim and taking off raw denim in a dressing room is literally the worst thing in the world, I can attest that as far as $49 sweatpants go, these will work.

  • YungDipper

    anyone know of any slim sweatpants like this that are cheaper? i know they’ll be less quality but I’m broke af lol

    • Glenn


      • YungDipper

        just checked and zara was actually more expensive ):
        thanks though!

        • Glenn

          Too bad, I thought they had them for €19, must have been an other store. Will try to find it later today.

        • Glenn

          Sorry can’t find them.

    • Nick_Trill

      H&M has skinny sweats for $25 or so

    • Tatsu

      Try ASOS. their cuffs on the joggers are rather loose though.

    • theneedledrap

      Maybe you should ask Kanye:


    • donald s

      I have a pair of slim sweats from h&m that are surprisingly comfortable and decent quality. Butter soft cotton. It is from their Mauritz Archive Collection. They were $49.95 but I thought they were with it..

  • Pete Schweaty Balls

    Tried these on over the weekend.
    The quality is there for $49. The dark gray looks best imho.

    However, the silhouette was a tad goofy and looked very Rocketeer.
    Perhaps it was just that pair and a quality control thing – sometimes the factory turns out some duds.

    • 92

      i tried them on too they look super weird
      then i went home and copped some i love ugly track pants

  • theneedledrap

    Strong 5 to light 6