Can You Imagine Copping A Non-Perfect $600 Anything?

Flex bombs on flex bombs on flex bombs. This sweater from Damir Doma is about as perfect as one could hope a $600 colorblocked long sweater to be. Can you imagine copping a non-perfect $600 anything? Well, I guess if you're spending $600 you're not exactly anticipating to look like a swagless asshole. That sort of thing usually just happens by accident. Anyway, if you can rock this with the sunglasses shown here, then my man, we need to be friends. You probably are a vegetarian, which is a total bummer, but girls love you, which means their friends might holler at me.

  • fuccyouraunty

    who the fuck cut the length on this shit? ray charles?

  • Nerd

    when will it be ok to admit we want to wear dresses

    • fuccyouraunty

      no one tryna wear this garbage

  • WolvesAteMyDad