Loving Chore Jackets, Hating Actual Chores

I love chore jackets despite the fact that I fucking hate actual chores. Did you parents ever make you do chores? I always felt like my friends whose parents rocked with the stereotypical, “You can play after you finish your chores,” narrative lived in some incredibly frighteneing Dickensian dystopia where the kids still had to work in factories and "chores" was code for, like, building matchbox cars or some shit for the family business. Be like me and wear a chore coat and do absolutely no work at all in it. I use all the pockets to keep snacks handy.

  • Dave s

    Ever notice how this guy has more than a touch of Neanderthal in him. The way he holds his 5 foot long arms out away from his body. The blank, half expectant stare as if his fellow cave dweller is holding out a freshly killed oryx for him to sample? He always looks like the guy in the prehistoric display at the local museum. In fact, I think in light of the recent news, he might actually be one of the Neanderthals living among us today. A caveman in a chore jacket. Today’s chore? Stay alive. C’ mon Need Supply. Find a Homo Sapiens to model your brands.

    • Michael

      Comedy Central presents the roast of Need Supply Model

  • http://www.facebook.com/branden.lacour.5 Branden LaCour

    Like it, simple look, easy to pair.