How To Make A Japanese House

We’ve talked at length about the importance of pretentious interior design here on Four Pins. It’s a detail of your life that shant be overlooked. Obviously, just like #menswear, there are cool Americana interiors, cool European (i.e. Italian and Scandinavian) interiors and then there are cool Japanese interiors. And, like in #menswear once again, a lot of times those Japanese interiors are the coolest. And it's based on that very fact that you need abook entitled How to Make a Japanese House. You’ll probably learn about working with little room, space and maybe even some Japanese aesthetic philosophies. Most definitely you will see really adorable, steezy Japanese kids playing in super minimalistic settings. At first all the awesome interiors will just bum you out because you have to live in a weird apartment that you’re not allowed to paint or change in any real way whatsoever. It’s all good though. If you wanna give your shithole a little Japanese flair, just remember to take your shoes off when you walk in. And buy, like, green tea Kit Kats whenever you can. People will see green tea Kit Kats and instantly think you’re well traveled and pretentious.

  • Fernando Silva López

    Or just copy anything from Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito or Kenzo Tange.

    Get a copy of their blueprints (easily available via Taschen) and tell your friendly neighbourhood architect ‘I want this’.

    Funny thing, buildings are not protected by copyright.

    • s-s

      they dont need to be copyrighted, architecture should be site specific you moron

      • Martian Margiela

        Woah s-s, take it easy.
        Just because you paid for a degree in architecture and are now designing public bathroom stalls doesn’t mean you get to be mean.

  • js

    jon moy. wtf? where’s the humor?

  • xamot20

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