Make New Friends, Make New Friends, Make New Friends, Yes, Yes, Yes

North Face Purple Label's "Leopard Collection" is not another set of leopard print fuckery. Keep in mind this is North Face Purple Label we're talking about—a Japanese subsidiary of the legendary outdoor apparel label that, according to my records, has put out wack product all of 0 times ever and, for some inexplicable reason, has made leopard print seem like not the dumbest of shit of all time. Look, we're not advocating you go out and buy the fanny pack like some kind of next level asshole, but the jackets and backpack are all legitimately viable options. If you're feeling apprehensive about buying any of this for fear your friends will make fun of you for wearing a print typically reserved for eccentric women's leggings, it may be time for some new friends regardless of what Drake told you.

  • BZLC

    Too true.


    North Face never put out a wack product? Half the working class/welfare semi-violent to violent youth called Chavs have been rocking The North Face for years. And their black and navy jackets are, uh, wack.

    • Jake Woolf

      North Face Purple Label* has never put out a whack product. The basic bitch North Face we get stateside definitely puts out mostly whack shit.

    • Black aryan brotherhood

      Just cause working class wear it make it wack? What’s ya address so I could smack ya white ass


        I meant no disrespect to actual working class, I have tremendous respect for them.
        What I mean is a bunch of (WHITE by the way) British young people picking fights and wearing black tracksuits and doing nothing creative or anything for that matter with their lives.
        Nice nickname by the way, makes you look like an ignorant dick.

  • Kyle

    If someone really loved me they would buy me this.