Make Your Arms Jealous Of Your Torso

Lavenham wants to add a bit of English class to your lifestyle. This ridiculous vest is quilted and cable knit. Texture on texture on pattern? 100% wool? Your arms will be so fucking jealous of your torso. The combination of cable knit wool and the cut makes this basically the sportiest sweater vest on the market, which, if read without photo reference, might lead you to believe you're reading Sky Mall. But, you’re not. You’re reading a real site on the Internet that would say something like "everyone is gonna start quilting their cable knits and cable knitting their quilts." We're all to blame.

3 Responses to “Make Your Arms Jealous Of Your Torso”

  1. Gordon

    This looks like something a grandma with shitty circulation would wear to a Fourth of July parade.

  2. Dave s

    My arms will be laughing at my torso. That’s what you meant right? I’m sure that’s what he meant right?


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