Market Week Recap: Cash Ca Fall/Winter 2014

We're still waiting on someone to tell us how to correctly pronounce Cash Ca (Kash Kah? Kash C.A.?), but we don't really care that much because the only thing that really matters here is that their clothes are straight inflammatory. We've said it before, but if you use zippers and rare hemlines in cool ways on sweats then you have our undivided attention. For F/W 14, Cash Ca has added zippers to the kangaroo pockets on their sweatshirts, which means you won't lose your wallet, keys or drugs. Similar zippers are utilized on the sweatpants, while a tonal, non-corny floral shirt would look great layered under a western shirt or popover or simply worn on its own. Also in the mix are two faux-fur hoodies, which come complete with the ever important double zips that at this point you can't possibly live without.

  • jimz

    so basically u get boners for every single brand at market week? I bet if we gave you the pepsi challenge and said hollister was Cash Ca you would be fully endorsing it too

    • Lawrence

      do you have any idea how many brand’s show at market? our coverage of the best shit isn’t even a drop in the ocean.

      • jimz

        just accept the ‘rare’ pepsi challenge burn and get on with your life.

  • fuccyouraunty

    weaker than whiskey dick bruh

  • Bitch ass nigga

    In russian Cash Ca pronounce means porridge or pap.

  • Bitch ass nigga

    КАШ КА