Over All Mastercloth By Carhartt WIP Is Finally Here

You guys, Carhartt is one of those brands that I’ll always fucking love. If you can’t rock some Carhartt gear your whole style is straight suspect. OAMC, aka Over All Mastercloth, is a new label by Carhartt WIP that you may remember was shouted out by the god Tommy Ton himself as the next brand to watch assuming you dig on point brands. Basically, this is like G-Unit under Aftermath if 50 Cent was the former head designer of Supreme. Listen, all you need to know is that OAMC is the higher end, more directional WIP that's as expensive as it is awesome. Featuring Loro Piana and other lux ass providers, OAMC is looking really fucking good from where we're sitting. The back paneled oxfords are sick and the Niemeyer pants in Harris Tweed with the tonal knee reinforcement are something I HAVE to purchase lest I off my own everything. SORRY GIRL, I’M MAKING YOU ICE CUBE SANDWICHES FOR A FEW NIGHTS IN ROW WHENEVER THESE TROU DROP. The brand is available this fall at a bunch of ill stores that we always write about and that you've never been to in person. We'll be shouting this shit out ten times a month, so don't even sweat the technique.

6 Responses to “Over All Mastercloth By Carhartt WIP Is Finally Here”

  1. booboobb

    “a bunch of ill stores that we always write about and that you’ve never been to in person” LOL

  2. choatsy

    The brand fucking sucks so does gibbs. I’m tired of dickriding brands and people who have no creative integrity. This is some wannabe visvim diluted down in the worst way with a hint of carhartt and the irrelevance of maiden noir. Just look at the paneled shirts and the 101 esque jackets. They have no idea what they are doing and this is proof. He should stick to selling overpriced clothing at Union and dickriding on Hiroki instead of trying to emulate him.

  3. Lee

    Four Pins really needs to define it’s voice if it wants to be a reputable and premium fashion news destination. These rap innuendo, all caps articles are just awful.


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