Maybe Sweatshorts Aren’t Feeling You Either

Were you worried about how your new cozy boy lifestyle would translate when it’s unbearably hot outside? Obviously, you cut the legs of your sweatpants, dumbass. Not feeling the D.I.Y. sweatshorts look? WELL, MAYBE THEY’RE NOT FEELING YOU EITHER. HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THAT? But really, if you can’t even appreciate the pure butter of these Carhartt terry Bermudas maybe you should give up on life and just wear khakis every day, bro.

5 Responses to “Maybe Sweatshorts Aren’t Feeling You Either”

  1. Dave s

    When you stuntin in the trailer park you got to have these. The way your nuts hang out when you sit on a stump. The way your junk gets outlined really turns on Candy the 56 year old chain smokin park manager. Comes in handy when you behind on your rent and you needs to get your schwing on and out. Plus , nice with a beer-stained Jeff Gordon tee. Yep 5 pairs for me too. Send to double wide #26.

    • Diction_Police

      homies tryna submit a writing sample in the comments smh

      • Andreas

        I am from germany so I am not sure but I think that this Dave s is saying that these clothes are really bad. Europeans would not wear this material in a short. If it is a writing sample it is better than yours. Do you only comment on the comments? Mr Diction Police. That is funny.


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