Meet Narendra Modi, The Steeziest World Leader Alive

Since you frequent the pillar of culture that is Four Pins, you guys are totally caught up with the latest Indian elections. And we're not the only ones noticing how fucking incredibly steezy Narendra Modi, the newly elected Prime Minister of India, really is. I mean, it makes sense. You don't win the largest ever election in world history without knowing how to dress yourself. But instead of a nice suit or Nehru jacket, Modi has his own custom signature garment. What's it called? The Modi Kurta, obviously. Featuring a take on the traditional kurta, Modi's garb of choice features short sleeves and often colorful dyes. JUST LOOK AT THIS GUY. IF HE HAD ON SOME AF1s OR VIS, THIS PHOTO COULD'VE EASILY BEEN FROM THE MOST HYPED LOOKBOOK OF THE YEAR, OR AT LEAST YOUR TUMBLR. Get on Modi's level and get you a #modikurta. Yeah, that's a real hashtag.

  • Nerd

    curiosity got the better of me. you were correct this boy swaggy as hell

    • dc


    • Holiday Kirk

      I actually think barefoot only ups his steeze levels.

      • Nerd

        which part of africa r u from

        • Holiday Kirk

          The barefoot one.

      • Oppiken

        Maybe throw in some coke out sandals.

    • Lawrence

      ur so thotful ur so thotful

  • Nic

    exquisite layering. Narendra Modi tha gawd

  • Yes,

    Fear of God SS15

  • Master Pee

    this outfit is elite tier forsure, but u guys do know this guy is infamous for perpetrating one of the worst religious riots in contemporary times, right? not exactly like … a messianic figure by any means lol. #modikurta is next lvl tho.

    • London Calling

      Is he Sikh?

      • atomthegod

        Hindu. The riots were Hindu vs Muslim with most of the dead being Muslim.

    • atomthegod

      Not quite. The riots were bad, sure. But with under a 1000 people dying, it’s far, far away from “the worst in conetmporary times”. Plus, the Supreme Court has cleared him of wrongdoing in the riots. SImply being the Chief Minister of a state does not make you automaticaly responsible for everything that happens in it. However, it does hint at incompetence and so, I hope the dude’s fixed that in the last 12 years.

    • CJ

      If you call Gujarat riots of 2002 which killed 1000 people as one of the worst in contemporary times, what would you call US invasion of Iraq that has killed 500,000 people? And what would you term the Syrian civil war which is intra-religion & has killed hundreds of thousands?