Meet Nike’s Next Roshe Run, The Kaishi

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. You're not looking at some bizarro, alternate universe Roshe Run, but Nike's newest model, the Kaishi. Clearly, the footwear company is looking to build off of the success of the Roshe, a sneaker that is, to this day, worn by both the highest level of swag masters and the bottomest feeders of strug lords. The Kaishi is a slightly more angular sneaker than the Roshe and features a reinforced heel and visible foot support. In its original colorway, the above black/white, the sneaker is sleek and stylish, but it's only a matter of time before Nike straight bukkakes the footwear industry with a million and one colors of this shit in the coming months. No word yet on a wide release, but you can already buy them in France.

  • Carlos

    I guess they made this to compete with the ZX Flux.

  • Mr. HD Gainz

    always hated the Roshe, these actually look good

  • Adam F

    pinrollers rejoice


    Wolfy is it so hard to write maybe two or three articles without using the term “strug lord” for real we get it you want to be Moy

    • doomsbae

      freal freal Woolf is genuinely zero tucks, he’s only around still because he sets his alarm at 5am so he can be first to hype up every dinky Supreme press release that gets dropped in his inbox.

  • Austin

    These are pretty aight.. I bought one pair of roshes and was over the hype I’m feeling these doe

  • Eduardo Meneses

    A more technical roshe run… for all the parkour bros out there

  • AG

    Nothing special about this shoe. It’s the Roshe Run’s not quite as cool cousin. Also, it can be found in Famous Footwear (I know because I work there). The Roshes feel better and look better. Skip this one folks.

  • Trill Mister

    Nike ZX FLUX

  • lbeezie

    bruh you can get them at shoe show already lol