#Menswear 2008 Version You Just Got So Excited

Why in the world is Union stocking $8,000 watches on their online store? Who are these men making $8000 watch investments on their laptop, presumably in their underwear? But hey, look guys! Steve McQueen wore this Rolex! It says it right there in the copy! There's even photos of him wearing it, ones that you and I have seen on Tumblr a million times! Stevie McQ makes everything automatically cooler! Oh, sorry there, guys, #Menswear 2008 Version Me just got crazy excited for a second.

  • Heisenberg

    Rule #45: If you own a Rolex and rent the place where you currently live you´re doing something wrong in life.

    • guest

      cant hear the haters

  • Eazy E

    Didn’t Park & Bond sell Rolexes online for thousands of dollars? HMMMMM LAWRENCE? HMMMMM?

  • guest

    #menswear existed in 2008?

  • steve

    just bought it