Menswear Illuminati Power Rankings

Dope backpacks wit da tassels?! Thank you, nonnative. Don’t correct me on the capitalization of that previous sentence. nonnative has it in their rider that their name be spelled in all lower case. Leather accents and a melton wool body make this next level certified. Hey, isn’t your peacoat melton wool too? Awesome. Now your entire person can be, like, 65-70% melton wool. Menswear Illuminati power rankings are in part based on how high a percentage of your outfit can the same material. Normally we here at the MIPR don’t reveal our judging criteria as it overly influences potential Illuminati candidate power flexes, so consider yourself lucky.

2 Responses to “Menswear Illuminati Power Rankings”

  1. curious bloke

    The only tasselled item I tend to wear is the infamous Loafer de Tassel (Tassel loafers) but I shall indeed give this a try to satisfy my new hunger for tasselled goods.

  2. Tjay

    nonnative tryin’ to be like visvim with the all lower capitalization and shit. This dope ass backpack must’ve been made to make up for the swagger-jacking.


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