Why #Menswear Is Ruining Your Sex Life

One would think that paying near obsessive attention to every facet of your wardrobe would lead to a concomitant increase in the amount of social activities and overall schmanging in your lifestyle. BUT IT WON’T. And you’re probably not even really aware of it yet because you’re in too deep, Mekhi. WAY. TOO. DEEP. Or maybe it's already painfully obvious that you're being c-blocked. Either way, you need to correct this shit ASAP. Here are all the ways #menswear is ruining your sex life.

  • kevin the server

    jon you bastard, you did it again. something worth reading on 4pins, i laughed so hard my hand-dyed japanese raw selvedge denim jeans ripped

  • a dizzly

    fucking brilliant

  • HL Merkin


  • willy cheesesteak


  • cake; cake cake cake cake cake

    I’m deathed

  • Tony


  • http://yachtclubhottub.tumblr.com/ prickasso

    #5 hit way close to home I’m sweating

    • Class A Rando


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  • Handiquack

    A sour spot, Jon Moy.

  • iLL

    hit the nail on the head

  • M

    Wan Kar Wai?

  • mens

    That is a fact, Daniel-san! lol too funny!

  • Devin D

    This is self-deprecating. Understood.
    But let’s be honest, IRL social skills are immensely undervalued.

    When you can kick it to a woman and make her laugh, drop a couple knowledge tidbits related to her interest, and actively listen, that face goes from ‘why are you talking to me’ to ‘yeah, you can f*ck me, keep talking’ in about 3 seconds.

  • Johnson Masters


    Easily 90% of men in NYC dress like they are either 12 years old or one step above homeless. The look du jour is frayed boot cut jeans over dingy 3 year old asics.

    Just dress better than them and you’re way ahead of the pack.

  • TJay

    Lmaoo Jon’s a fool for this one. Funny stuff.

  • Glazione Rocha

    HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHA The rosé-waitress episode cracked me up.

  • http://www.datsmastyle.me/ Dave Anthony

    I can agree with number 9.

  • boooga

    Best post ever!

  • Jack

    *wong* kar wai

  • connor

    looks like mr.guy on #12 can stand to learn a lil more about menswear doe.

  • Jeff H

    This article scared the fucking shit out of me