When Did #Menswear Stop Being Fun?

What happened to #menswear, you guys? R.I.P. BECAUSE THAT MOTHERFUCKER DEAD. Remember when this shit used to be fun? Remember when no one did this "professionally"? Remember when you used to get excited to see photos from Pitti and you didn’t even know who Lapo Elkann was? What happened to us? When did we all get so jaded? When did this shit stop being fun?

I can’t stand that people are "over" Pitti coverage. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THAT’S OUR COMIC-CON, OUR SUPERBOWL, AND YOU’RE OVER IT? OH YEAH? I BET YOU’RE TIRED OF ICE CREAM TOO. I think that the reason most (if not all of us reading this right now) got into menswear and blogging and forums in the first place was the sense of community and enjoyment it provided.

And listen, I get it, I get it, I get it. You’re not tired of the clothes or the process or any of that—you're just over how popular menswear has gotten. You're exacerbated by all the wannabes and non-industry peeps and faux experts that attend trade shows. BUT WHO CARES? YOU GUYS DO REALIZE THIS HAPPENS FOR LITERALLY EVERY INDUSTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, RIGHT? REMEMBER WHEN YOU GOT SUPER AGGRO WHEN KIDS STARTED CARRYING SKATEBOARDS AROUND THE MALL? It's a fucking inevitability.


I'm allowed to say that you're not allowed to be butthurt because I feel like I'm a part of the problem. When I went to Pitti Uomo, bloggers didn’t really attend. It was just a smattering of streetstyle cats who made the trip and, like, those dudes have an actual trade. Regardless, people were salty. But you know what? I DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE I WAS LAMPING IN ITALY FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH MY HOMIES. And that shit was fun. You know what was even better than eating all of the homemade carbonara? HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS, TAKING PHOTOS OF OUR DOPE ALPHETS FOR THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. Shit was never the same after that. Nothing was the same after that.

Fast forward a few years and everyone is bemoaning the changing nature of menswear and the increasingly blurry line between professionals and amateurs. The relative worth of bloggers and their presence at fashion weeks has been a discussion ever since Tavi wore a big ass hat in front of some editor chick. AND, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, IT WILL ALWAYS BE A DISCUSSION.

All you wearied, too cool for school dickheads love to talk shit about kids like Mike the Ruler, but I fucking love Mike The Ruler. That kid GETS it. He loves this shit and he's completely unabashed in his enthusiasm. I LEGIT WOULD RATHER HANG OUT WITH MIKE THE RULER THAN MOST OF YOU MISERABLE FUCKS.

The driving ethos behind #menswear is playing dress up. It should be ridiculous and there shouldn’t be too many barriers of entry. I wish there were more enthusiastic kids running around Capsule and Project this week. That would be so much better than a bunch of guys that work in graphic design and, like, finance, complaining about derivative collections and talking shit about that blogger that only gets invites "because he knows the PR rep." NEWSFLASH: THAT’S HOW ANYONE GETS INVITED ANYWHERE. But what the fuck do I know? Maybe if I weren't such a tragic grump myself, Robert Geller would invite me to more of his fashion shows.

  • NP10

    Genius/on point

  • stfumikep

    Pretty right on. Think back 10-15 years ago when everyone and their grandpas wore suits 24/7. I guarantee you if there was such a thing as social media (or even the internet) back then, when #menswear was a whole different beast, it would be covered like it is today.

    • gandalf

      What are you talking about? 10 – 15 years ago was the late 90s/early 2000’s. The last era everyone was wearing suits 24/7 was in the 50s.

      • stfumikep

        How old are you? Suits were commonplace for anyone in the working world and above the age of 20ish.

  • MonkeyBalls

    It stopped being fun when Four-Pins began. Four-Pins dumbed down menswear by publishing unedited articles that read like a teenage jerk-off’s twitter feed. I can’t say that I like TSB’s sartorial choices, but its editorial prowess puts Four-Pins to shame. Reading the shit you guys post is bound to make any grown man a cynical asshole about clothing.

    • http://reggiepipkin.jglimited.com/ Reggie Pipkin

      ^Also this tho. I still kinda agree with what the article is attempting to relay.

      • Kadu

        Blog do kadu is reinventing the game. Gucci wrapped emirates air flier, hair as high as babel tower.

    • Gandolf

      So what are you doing on this site then? Did someone send you a link to this story and that’s how you found it? I’d love to know.


        Fuck TSB. Four-pins at least tries to be edgy. Definitely just want $$$ and don’t give a fuck about good groundbreaking clothes. So fucking swaggy. This is Bieber plus a year or two. But at least they try.

      • MonkeyBalls

        I replied to this multiple times, but I guess Four-Pins is into censorship. Why are do you censor, Four-Pins? I’d love to know.

    • da-bes

      So you’re saying if the guys at Four-Pins could hoop their articles would be better?

  • http://reggiepipkin.jglimited.com/ Reggie Pipkin

    Spot on. Social Media has made menswear what it is today. The natural progression from streetwear to menswear has made it even harder to differentiate whose “real” and whose not. I remember having to read about every damn clothing designer through magazines like GQ and Men’s Non-No just to find out small details about a new collection. Now with the internet you get an over-saturated market with ‘pretenders’ and bona fide designers are having to compete and standout among the fluff. But that’s what makes the shit cool. We get better pieces and more daring looks. The whole thing is fun to me and the cynicism that a lot of people have is just an immature response to wanting to be individualistic.

  • WAVY

    Wait. Is there such a thing as not-homemade carbonara? This would be the most depressing thing about this post :(

  • POV King

    playing dress up is for kiddies who don’t have a point of view

  • Truth

    Blog do Kadu is changing the game

  • fuccyouraunty

    nah nigga I got into this to flex. never been a nigga comfortable with getting stunted on.

    • fuccyouraunty

      and they don’t have no award for dat! trophies..trophies..

  • http://www.indigocouture.com/ INDIGO COUTURE

    If labels like Thom Browne for Moncler, J.W.Anderson and Bobby Abley, to name just a few, aren’t fun, what is! I did Pitti in the 80’s and 90’s when menswear had a much narrower focus and fewer laughs.

  • Dave s

    When jake woolf was hired by four pins.