Meth And Red

Nylon bucket hats for the fucking win. And throw in an adjustable pull-cord because evidently not everyone has the same shaped dome piece. While we all can’t be Method Man and/or Redman circa 1999, we can wear bucket hats, endorse marijuana heartily and make a movie together. Just don’t rap. PLEASE DON'T RAP. Norse Projects is always making dope stuff. It must be something in the water over there. In fact, maybe we should all spend a semester abroad. We’ll supposedly to be learning their design aesthetic and the menswear business, but we’ll just get distracted by pretty European girls who drink too much and cheese. They have such good cheeses in Europe.

  • MaG

    Yeah, Norse stay winning. “not everyone has the same shaped dome piece” -pause statement of the year. funny, every time i see buckets, i wanna do the Dame Dash dance. always. and Jon, sincere thank you for the PSA:


  • MaG

    mad good cheeses, bro. insanely good.

  • Bread

    jawns are on point.

    fuck cheese though, not vegan.

    • MaG

      your username can’t be “Bread”, and you say “fuck cheese”. sh*t is sacrilegious. i respect the gansgta though.