The Modern Pop Culture Reference Equivalent For A Backstreet Boy

Remember back in '09 or whatever when everyone was finna buy a Filson Cruiser jacket because everyone from their favorite blogger to their favorite designer was wearing one? But then we all figured out that the fit was all baggy and roomy because people who normally wear Cruiser jackets are doing things like chopping down trees or shooting living things or, you know, generally not preoccupied with what type of latte they’re gonna get to start the week off. WELL, FRET NO MORE ABOUT SIZING DOWN OR SHRINKING OR TAILORING A FUCKING PIECE OF WORKWEAR LIKE AN ASSHOLE Because, like, three years too late Filson has introduced the “Seattle Fit”, which means they slimmed all this shit down for you skinny bastards that avoid physical labor. Not into workwear anymore? Can you hear that? That’s the sounds of the fucks I give hitting the floor. YOU SHOULDN’T BE SO MERCURIAL IN YOUR SARTORIAL JOURNEY, MY DUDE. YOU  GOTTA HAVE SOME CONSISTENCY IN THERE OR EVERYONE WILL LOOK AT YOU LIKE A BACKSTREET BOY OR WHATEVER THE MODERN POP CULTURE REFERENCE EQUIVALENT IS FOR A BAND LIKE THAT. I THINK THEY’RE BRITISH.

  • Fat Carl

    Jon Moy straight gold with that latte line.

    But seriously…a wardrobe can still be dotted with work wear although by and large that shit got corny real fast. It’s all about sophistication and silhouettes and shit nowadays. Dressing smart, not trying to look tough via a cabin fantasy iphone app.

  • North West Rick

    If it’s consistency in the style journey you’re after, look no further than the North West of England where workwear and technical jackets continue to rule supreme as though it’s still 1989 and where a Berghaus Trango is considered essential outerwear for dodging the elements between the front door and car and hiking around the supermarket for the weekly grocery shop.

    Needless to say, I’m from the North West of England and love workwear! We haven’t fully embraced Filson yet but have just cottoned on to the idea that beards are cool like it’s 2009 and my tailor has altered a Post O’alls jacket and a pair of Dickies trousers in the past 12 months!

    Great site btw.

  • Alex Dreyer

    One Direction