Modular Outerwear Systems

This Mountain Research "Phishing Hoody" is fucking bananas. Though, calling it a "phishing" anything is a little misleading because there is no way you will be doing any fishing in this thing. It's really more like a modular outerwear system. Or something. I don't get paid to describe jackets that are basically Lego sets, so give me a fucking break. The standard, base piece of this jacket is a short vest with a hood, to which sleeves and body extensions can be added, transforming it into a variety of different length parkas. Can you even imagine the looks you'd get if you were able to casually turn your parka into a vest and vice versa? You'd be stunting on everyone so heavy. "LOL THAT PATAGONIA IS STRAIGHT GARBAGIO COMPARED TO THIS MASTERPIECE. Now someone help me get my sleeves back on."

  • NP10

    Honestly the one of the last jackets you would ever need. amazing.

  • josua

    Would be cooler if there were zips on both top and bottom of the pieces, allowing one to make something longer parka-esque, alternatively turning it into a superdope superlong vest

  • HL Merkin

    unfortunately the wearer’s bellybutton is left susceptible to Pillsbury Doughboy-style pokerings

  • dagabomb

    Hey jon longtime reader here just wondering if you could translate the page for us?


  • NJK

    let me guess you found this coat on tumblr.

  • Tweley

    Adds zippers to ya beta wear

  • mikeylab

    i want this