Your Mom Will Love And Hate Supreme Spring/Summer 2014

Supreme just dropped their new lookbook so that's a reason to be excited because Supreme is important to men's clothing whether you believe that or not. Their new collection strikes the perfect balance between traditional streetwear, military inspired whatevers and American classics. I think the shit is dope, but then again I'm a huge fan of the brand. I've seen a few people on Twitter and Instagram who are looking for things to nitpick and are just all types of butthurt, to which I say, "Peep da fishtail parka doe". Also, who doesn't want a reversible MA-1 middle finger pin? Your mom will TOTALLY hate that and you can laugh at her. But she will also love the sweatshirt with a Manet painting on it, especially when you demonstrate to her you know who Manet is and how he's not Monet. Now, that's not to say everything here is fantastic. Like, that Pink Panther sweater only stands to make you look like a 40 year old who still lives at home, while as a Jew I feel entitled to say that wearing bloody Jesus on your chest feels like a little un-kosher. But other highlights include a very visvim-inspired shirt in the mix that will be way less than any shirt that has been baptized by Hiroki. That in mind, it will be equally as hyped up so it's pretty much a win all around. As for that logo wrench though? Well, let's just say you are what you cawp. Supreme S/S 14 drops February 20 in store and February 27 online.

  • Meow


  • Noe/Edub

    Theres some great stuff in here.

  • Guest


  • michael jordan

    supreme x jnco in 27???

  • fuccyouraunty

    Buncha faggot dick riders in these comments. supreme logo on everything oh man best drop ever!!!! this is the same recycled ass shit, playboy bunny, box logo, champion logo, don’t forget to put SUPREME in big ass letters on it bro! under 18 faggots lovin this shit brokeboi shit fuck outta here

    • Nerd

      you ain’t got the answers tho

    • WolvesAteMyDad

      trying this hard on the internet in 2014

      cmon bruh

      • fuccyouraunty

        trying hard? nigga youre right it is 2014 nigga it took me 30 seconds to type that shit up and 15 to type this eat a dick fuckboy

        • WolvesAteMyDad

          do you ever get bored of trying to be a shittier desus? Or is it always a thrill for you to be this unfunny

          • fuccyouraunty

            trying hard to be funny? your name is just that. fuckin clown foh

    • Joe S

      I agree that I would pass on the majority, but c’mon now critique without sounding like a fuccboi

  • Also Angela Cheng

    where can i cop that quarter


    jake woolf i usually hate you because duh but here i sit colored impressed by your super low lowkey shot at the preme fanz

  • Jon Moy

    Don’t reinvent the wheel supreme

  • OK_ok

    AinĀ“t nobody gonna have time for standing in line for shitty materials made in China

  • Evil Merino

    People flying off the hinges about this. I finally take a look and really? Slide 1 and 7 have the only “interesting” pieces. The rest were probably cool 4 years ago? But damn man, I ain’t trying to be seen in some shit that says “RIOT” on it. And a cross made of dollar bills? Jesus try harder. (DID U SEE WHAT I DID THERE).

    • notaguest

      dead kennedys collab you fuck..get educated

  • mikeylab

    the jesus jersey is smart and hilarious.