The Motion

Denim shirts are the motion right now. A washed out, fucked up denim shirt is versatile. The light blue that denim becomes after being abused is perfect for denim on denim looks, denim on chinos looks and denim on black denim looks. Don’t believe me? JUST WATCH. The "cool fashion guy" in your town is gonna be dressing like fucking Schlossman with a ragged denim shirt and black pants and coke white sneakers in six months and it’s going to drive you crazy because you’ve been dressing like Schlossman for six months now.

  • Sean

    Welcome to 3 years ago, dudes.

  • The Atlas

    Hey bro, there’s this wack new thing out. Yo, I’m serious holmes, you really gotta suss this sweet new shit. Mang, straight up check this mad different garment.

    Shit’s called “Denim”.

    • Lawrence

      “…you really gotta suss this sweet new shit” is actually the most sus thing ever written.

      • The Atlas

        mmbruh, you selling?