Mr. Porter Brings The Heat With Peter Millar

As our critically-acclaimed #1 Best Online Shop For Men, you already know Mr. Porter is gonna come with the heat. But dawgs, they ain't never come through with bangers like they just did with this high-end Peter Millar golf gear. Your dad is posting this shit to his Tumblr right this very second, frantically calling Mr. Porter's customer service to see if he can custom order any more XL's in the lime green vest joint because he knows this shit's gonna sell out faster than the Supreme Foamposites amongst the 45-63 white suburban hypebeast crowd. The best part of Peter Millar? The company's CEO says, "If we won't wear it, we won't make it," so it should come as no surprise that this bro legend looks like this. You also gotta give props to Mr. P for keeping everything very authentic by bringing in the tall, lanky white dude with the ill visibly hairy legs to be the model, while also styling these garments in ways you will actually seen them rocked at your local country club/Sunday barbeque/little league game. The only way they could've taken this to an even higher level is if they strapped homie with the Blackberry from 2011 and some Oakley frames. Still though, wow. Just wow.


    This is the most Dad thing I’ve ever seen.


    normcore vibes mixing with preppy style and #menswear, just resonating together, huh?

    looks shit by the way.

  • scot sims

    Those are legs? I thought they were toothpicks.

  • Mturman3

    If I wanted to look like I shopped at Kmart, I would just shop at Kmart.

  • Austin

    God this is SO white even my dad wouldn’t wear it… And my dad is SUPER white…

    • Dillon

      And so are probably you but still want to bitch on the internet about “being so hood” while nagging on your dad who provided you with a great suburban home and childhood while putting up with your bitch ass whining throughout the years

  • cozyKev

    worst pinz post 2 date

  • Matt