My Dick’s In A Pouch Like I’m Luminati


That’s all I really want to say about these Verstrosities. If you want to look like you’re auditioning for the remake of Fellini’s Satyricon, Medusa’s got your back. So, what exactly is the intended use of these peculiar pieces of shit? I’m thinking, holding silver platters with mounds of cocaine and muscle relaxants for deranged iconoclastic warlords to sample at their annual conference held on an island amongst a Pacific atoll. That wouldn't be a fun job, I imagine. The amount of mind altering substances you have to be on to design this, stock this, model this, style it (with a beard), sell it and write about it must be astronomical. VERSACE? VERSACE.

  • Cameron Wolf

    can’t miss trend for winter. just bought 3 so I can rotate throughout week.

  • WAVY

    While I couldn’t possibly agree more, I would refer you to slide 5 of the previous post by Mr Woolf. Is there is that big of a difference between those two pieces of thrash apart from the price?

    • hmmm

      you’re asking if there is a distinction between a plastic rain coat and a tight Versace mesh tank top/mesh shorts with ball cupping pouch….

      • WAVY

        * a plastic see-through rain coat paired with a see-throught tee and see-through shorts is almost on the same level of fuckery as this. Both are all kinds of Village-People-type-wrong imho. The difference you see is called hype.

  • prickasso

    I honestly think the rat tail in slide #4 is the most obscene thing about this post

  • curtii

    Slide #3 is going to give me nightmares.

  • RipShitOrBust

    If you feel like putting your dick in a comfort pouch get SAXX underwear… that shit is ridiculously comfortable.