My First Fashion Week: An Artsy Photo Essay

As I reflect on this past week I realize I took about 5,000 photos, perhaps the sum total of photos I took last year, and then deleted 4,000 of them. I spent five hours a night editing. I attended a larger number of shows than I ever thought possible—that original number being zero. I photographed Justin Doss smiling three times. I made a gif of Nick Wooster smoking in front of a smokestack. I ate homemade ice cream sandwiches with Tommy Ton. I was aggressively shoved aside by A$AP Rocky's security team at the En Noir presentation. My camera malfunctioned mid-blizzard due to water damage and I soaked it in a large quantity of rice until it worked again. These photos are an attempt to encapsulate the many wonders and follies of my first fashion week.

  • stephens


    • Christopher Fenimore

      This guy gets it.

    • snkrface

      Jazzlib… so nice see a valid point being made,

  • Kerry

    Wow, a post with provocative, original content that isn’t seething with sarcasm. #notjonmoy

    • lawrences


      • Kerry

        Flick your cigarettes elsewhere, bruh bruh.

  • Tiago

    Congrats, it’s awesome!

    • Christopher Fenimore

      Bless, bless, bruh.

  • Shane

    This post reads as if the Four Pins guys switched out the Kendrick Lamar for some Lumineers. I kid I kid…great photos, sir.

  • KZ

    That Fenimore is so hot right now, Fenimore.

    • Christopher Fenimore

      Hi, Keith.

  • Wale

    Dope. Especially that gaws shot.

  • alex2states

    I thought the photo’s were great! up until I read the narrative that followed. What is everyone’s obsession with nick wooster? does he know that everyone in the “sartorial ” world are all over his nutsack?

  • Maxwell

    What show is the 16th picture from? Is someone poking fun at pyrex with that or am I just wishfully thinking?

    • lawrences

      No, you right, that is McNairy taking shots at Pyrex Vision.