Nah, I’m Cool On That

Have you ever been kicking it with a good friend, drinking cigs, smoking beers and all of a sudden he pulls out the horse tranquilize and you just say, “Nah, I’m cool on that”? You’re not gonna stop being friends with him or anything like that, now you’re just aware that he may have, at times, questionable decision making skills. You’re disappointed, but realize that everyone has a few lapses in judgment—a few moments they’d love to take back. Kinda like Camp Lo and their second album. This happens to the best of us, even the designers and brands that we love. Sometimes, maybe even despite themselves, the mad geniuses that create the very same jawnz you covet so much can make some god awful pieces of shit. Here’s a few items that have made me say, "Nah, I’m cool on that."

  • curious bloke

    you forgot Jil Sander’s square toed shoes. Ugly as fuck

  • Nico

    whoa lay off the wm mayne, i would rock that!! also teenage mutant ninja street sharks sounds pretty sick to me

  • RG
    • Dahveed

      That almost made me wish no one wore clothes just so that this wouldn’t exist.

    • nick

      My god, what wizardry is this?

      Thom Browne x Lilly Pulitzer – Style

      Fucking terrible.

  • Angelo

    Tryna cop the Passy Print Trousers tho.

  • Ed

    That thing around his neck at Gant Rugger is called a dickie, for what it’s worth. Historically famous with sailors, I believe.

  • Tjay

    Shit, I’d rock the ACE sweater. Looks pretty dope to me. I’m ashamed of Thom Browne for those damned moon shoes though. What influenced him to do that shit, Lil Wayne?

  • VonKolby

    Dude looks like Jar Jar with those baggy pants/shorts/boots which I will now call panboorts. He is about to ruin so many nerds movies.

  • Akasd

    The comments on each clothing are hilarious LOL esp. the Pilgrim one *dead*