Never Put An Alphet In A Corner It Has To Flex Its Way Out Of

This new Nepenthes editorial is bizarro as fuck. I honestly have no idea what is going on. And what does "Out Dust Rial" even mean? Not only that, but, like, at one point in the video homie drinks a vase of milk that has flowers in it. MY DUDE, YOU NASTY. But you'd probably go crazy too if you had to sit around all day in a spooky ass looking room, wearing all these incredible alphets with no one around to get flexed on. Never put an alphet in a corner it has to flex its way out of.

  • guest bro

    in dust rial

  • Kevin

    I think Out Dust Rial is the opposite of industrial

  • cozyKev

    those oversized buckets are croosh

  • Saint

    Dallas Buyers Club

  • queb

    Best stay away from school zones when rocking look #4