You Never Really Know With Japanese Brands

Moy is usually the guy to write about workwear-y shit from Post O'Alls, but I actually really dig these shirts for summer. They're called the "Cruz" shirt, but I think they mean "Cruise," right? That makes way more sense. But you never know with Japanese brands. I mean, they called their brand name Post Overalls as if that even makes a little bit of sense. I guess this is the point in the post when Moy usually references that one time he went to Tokyo and how clean the subway system is or something. I don't know, I've never been to Japan, so I can't really speak on that. What I can speak on is paying a lot of money for a shirt that I'll only wear 2 months out of the year that doesn't even really fit that well, but I get to tell people it's from Japan, which makes me feel a little better inside, but not really all that much to be completely honest.

  • meow

    Banana Republic has nicer shit than this.


    so what’s your point? POST O’ALLS is hands down one of the best to do it. with history as well. not many are on their level of digging and research. not even the juggernauts like ralph’s camp are touching Takeshi Ohfuchi’s commitment.

  • Spiraltoy

    Do your homework.
    They’re made in the USA. Designed by a guy from Japan, yes.

    • HAHNNN!

      dude has been manufacturing in NYC since the early 90’s. and exclusive samples for other big names like RALPH.