This Is Not New Fall/Winter 2013 Is Not Xenophobic

Damn, This Is Not New is murdering whatever non-existent F/W 13 collection you’ve been designing for the past three years. This collection represents a significant increase in the amount of product TINN Worldwide is going to be shipping, like a local drug dealer that went from flipping ounces to flipping elbows (an "elbow" is a pound, you narcs). I mean, just look at all the products above as you waste time at work and we make our nut. I think I need the sterling silver feather ring, coral and turquoise bracelets and shirts with American deerskin embellishments because we don't fuck with foreign deer. J/K obviously, the company is called TINN Worldwide, so obviously such a xenophobic stance would be hypocritical and negatively affect sales.

6 Responses to “This Is Not New Fall/Winter 2013 Is Not Xenophobic”

  1. fuck sad fuccbois

    Sad Boys? seriously? leave that shit to yung lean and sherman.

    • beensad

      Do you even Hemsworth/ cyril hahn/ wedidit crew? You think yung lean is the first to use sad boys? smdh


      TINN has been making sad boy mixtapes a long time before “yung lean” was even around. that kid is 15-16 now? sad boys isnt even about rap its about the producers. leave that shit to lil B


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