The New Rules Of Streetwear

Streetwear, much like life itself and your girl's mood, is always in flux. In recent years, the landscape of the industry has shifted decisively in the direction of high-fashion, pushing its skateboarding and hip-hop roots to the background (if not forgetting them completely). That means that you, as an up-and-coming creative, need to change with the times if you want to be successful, lest the game pass you by all together. And, let's be honest, individuality is severely overrated. Rules and boundaries exist in the first place because they keep everyone on the same page. In turn, this makes products, like, wayyy easier to sell to a gullible consumer base. That's exactly why we've conveniently outlined the "New Rules Of Streetwear"—the new standard of best practices and hype that will set you off on the road to riches and make you a streetwear gawd in no time flat.

  • loganiq

    Realest post.

  • Dillon

    Usually sleep on all posts that “aint Moy tho” but this is a good piece

  • queb

    What person over the age of 12 flicks off the camera when their photo’s being taken? Virgil sucks.

  • Rob Swierczek

    Spelled serato wrong

    • Howle


      • Rob Swierczek


  • AfterAll

    Sarcasm ahhhhh

  • Yes.


  • bert

    # 6 preachedd

  • Darin

    I loved every second!!

  • Ekwinoks

    Despite the sarcasm I feel like this will be helpful in my future endeavors


    this is what i’ve been living by for the past year and a half and im cooler now than i ever was during the street wear era