New Survey Claims This Is What Women Want You To Wear

eBay Deals has just exposed the ugly truth about what women actually think about a man's clothing choices. And I say "ugly" because most of the clothes they were asked about were straight terrible, including, but not limited to: deep V-necks, fedoras, suspenders and bow ties. What's most troubling are the percentages of women who actually like this shit. For example, 52% of women said they like deep V-neck T-shirts. Like, what the fuck? 53% of women like newsboy caps? Since when? What is even happening? If it wasn't already painfully clear, eBay has to take the L for not asking girls about Lord Diaper Butt pants, Birks or long shirts, completely leaving the extremely large and influential Four Pins audience high and dry. Based on all of this troubling intel, we've put together the ultimate alphet grid for slaying basic thots this summer, according to eBay, according to women. SMFH x infinity.

  • p to b

    big watches, fedoras and deep v necks. id rather go gay.

    • TJay


  • meow

    If I was able to punch the fuck out of all the losers who wear boat shoes, I’d be happy.

    • easystreet

      whats the beef chief

      • Jerms


    • smarmy_internet_guy

      You should get a pair and ride the comfort train with us right meow.

    • the “End”

      I’d floor your ass…..

  • yes

    The only word I manage to see in those clouds is UGLY and HIPSTER

  • Femme Fatale

    As a women, this list speaks accurately to the sh*t taste of many of my sex who prefer to douse masculinity in estrogen by dressing it in deep “vagina” v necks. I’ve gotten many odd looks when i’ve tried to explain fit to women ie drape, collar gaping why I geek out over last shape when buying my boyfriend some Saint Crispin’s or Edward Green. While she can dress herself, 95% of the time she has no clue how to dress you!

  • Bazooka Joe

    49 % of women like fedoras……….. this is legit a retarded survey.

  • Tamia

    but who tf actively and willingly wears pageboy hats in 2014?

  • New Englander

    As I agree with most of the views here, I don’t understand why boat shoes are getting such a bad rap by you guys. I suppose it depends on where you live and where you grew up. I was born and raised in Connecticut and I have and always will have a pair of authentic Sperrys as my go-to summer footwear.