New Technology Recommends What Colors To Add To Your Outfit (Assuming You Want To Ruin It)

AS Colour, a brand out of Australia, wants you to wear more color because they are not about that sad boy life. As they demonstrate in the above video, 83% of their sales come in the form of the color black, white or grey, which is obvious because they are clearly the best options. Navy blue is also a good option, but yellow? Lime green? Baby blue? Fuck outta here with that bullshit. I'm not tryna roll up to the club looking like a Teletubbie. To help make the people of Australia cop more of these weak ass colors, AS Colour is utilizing an interactive display that reads someone's alphet and determines how they can liven up their lewk with a pop of color. While this idea is pretty corny and not advisable, this technology could be actualized in other, much more useful ways, such as implementing an algorithm that determines just exactly how rare a specific hemline happens to be.

  • Dead

    this is filmed in auckland, new zealand.

    • Snarky Internet Guy

      Four-pins is based in New York and therefore, to them, neither your country nor your opinion exists.

  • Richard

    This is a New Zealand brand not Australian.

  • deirDRE

    Herp? Herp. What even IS countries? Why do we persist with these artificial divisions like culture, accent, and 2000 km of ocean?

  • DanteDouglas

    this is so fucking stupid