New York City Street Style: April 14, 2014

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • The Atlas

    i fuck with few of these, except #4 which is keymaker swag

  • Yes.

    Word up. My weekly reminder of how swagless I actually am.

  • Nerd

    #15 that wet floor sign is exceptionally poorly placed im fairly certain that a) the city of new york would be responsible for any injuries incurred as a result of a wet sidewalk and b) the sidewalk is dry!! this makes me so mad also what kind of swaglord drinks wine for lunch

    • goober

      The sign is there to prevent someone from falling into the basement sidewalk entrance, smarty pants.

      • Nerd


  • kevin

    #3 – sir you are living

  • Bill

    Anyone know who makes the blue and white stripe shirt/coat in #13?

  • London Calling

    Obviously, I’m gonna give props to slide #11

    • John

      Daps to the homeless man on the right for layering hard on a 70 degree day.

  • porninmotion

    peep me on slide 13 like whaddup tho

  • nikl0w

    anyone know the biker jacket in slide 9?

  • Max Westerberg

    Damn #13 is killin it

  • WAVY

    Suspenders and pants with belt loops smh

  • Ghost of Jam Master Jay

    the bae in slide 4 thooooo

  • Jeff Rider

    Anyone got a designer on the print dress shirt in #2? Not sure I could pull it off without the neck tattoos, but you never know…