New York City Street Style: April 21, 2014

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • stfumikep

    #9 should ease up on the pomade.

    • Nerd

      i was more mad at the thread count of his suit. 125% polyester bitches

  • Josh

    This was good to start and gradually got worse..

  • disqus_944TVOoMyY

    LMAO at #10!

  • michael

    does this guy have back issues? neck issues? why is all this shit crooked?

    • Howle

      do you even art fuccboi

  • what the waht?

    i’d hate to see the ones that DIDNT make the cut…. were these all taken in a 4 minute timeframe all in/near times square?

  • thotcity
  • klewny

    This is bad….