New York City Street Style: April 9, 2013

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Alex Lee is a street style blogger and designer living in New York City. See more of his work here and his clothing collection, XXBC, here. Follow him on Instagram here.

  • WAVY

    SMFH at homeboy for rocking Uniqlo girls floral pajamas… Where they do that at?

  • cmon

    S/O to #9 for at least realizing ITS FCKING HOT OUTSIDE

    • Andrew So

      Where in NYC do *you* live?

    • Alex

      S/O to you for not realizing that i DIDNT TAKE ALL THESE PHOTOS IN ONE DAY

  • Themediabull

    9/10… sure that was not for

  • Fabilous

    These are really bad photos. I was turned off and not interested at all. sorry

  • Nick

    Those Nikes in #4 though…..

  • Marcus

    Bad representation of style from NY..

  • Dave s

    Goodwill s/s 2013 preview

  • Tjay

    C’mon now… I can’t fux with this mane.

  • dimpap

    I feel sorry about new york city street style…

  • Ces1ne?

    Is homie in #2 a wizard or something?