New York City Street Style: December 23, 2013

See all of Christopher's Four Pins street style here.

Christopher Fenimore is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.


    mmmm that watch in slide 11

  • Paw Waw

    Street Style AKA your friends outside of Carson Street and The Armoury

    • Christopher Fenimore

      Would you rather see my friends kill it or continue to scroll through the plight of the commonfolk?

      • squatty

        take it off the streets, and indoors, then we get pictures of ya’ll hanging out naked together…. so yeah, i prefer streets.

        • Christopher Fenimore

          Is this some sort of play on metrosexuality vs. homosexuality? Very mature. Open the window, it’s 2013 outside.

          • squatty

            naked guy jokes are still funny no matter what year it is

      • John Lugg

        Let’s call a horse a horse though…

      • dannyeaton14

        “see my friends kill it”


  • shmeh

    Wack would be an understatement when describing just how bad of a job this series does at documenting the many styles found on New York City streets. Perhaps “a” (singular) street but certainly not all of them as a collective whole.

    • Obrie_Knows

      If you can’t bring the horse to the water. Bring the water to the horse and bring lots of it!

  • Adam Fischer

    Finally acceptable to wear birks outside of a hippie commune, YES!

  • Ken P

    Remember when J. Kirkland only wore straight EG? Those were the days.

  • zane

    Slide 2 is unattainable good for a white guy

  • Ghanaba

    the jacket in #3

  • mike

    that knit in slide 4 mm

  • Jewbacca

    What kind of sandals are in slide #10?

    • an

      Look like standard Birk Bostons.