New York City Street Style: February 7, 2013

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Alex Lee is a street style blogger and designer living in New York City. See more of his work here and his clothing collection, XXBC, here. Follow him on Instagram here.

6 Responses to “New York City Street Style: February 7, 2013”

    • joseph

      you guys need to learn fashion, the art of being different & expressing that shit.
      pluse your dumb that nigga with the mcm pouch is about it bout it #ysl #mcm #gullyasspancho

      • tones

        there’s being different and looking like a southwestern ballet hobo. some people need to get checked. if you think a baby purse is gully i recommend you go home and tie your tubes before you wear a cape or something. lol

  1. Tjay

    Judging from the other stylish dudes in the background in slide 10 it’s obvious that you could’ve done a way better job picking who to take a picture of.


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