New York City Street Style: July 11, 2014

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Nerd

    #15 rocking the chastity belt among other atrocities

    • Dick Rooster

      Aren’t you a writer for the pinz now? Why you still commenting son? They paying you by the comment?

      • Nerd

        never forget where u came from dick

  • Bruh

    How the fuck is it stylish to wear a skirt?

  • Bazooka Joe

    my neck hurts from too much smh.

  • Cnn

    must be fuccboi week

  • Chris

    I’m 26 and I 100% do not get HBA. Am I already too old too appreciate the subtleties of the- uh- buttonupshirtshort(skirt)? Someone clarify for me.

    • lrkwn

      18 here. You’re not too old. People who wear that combination buttonupshirtshort(skirt) have convinced themselves that it’s cool but objectively it’s really not.

  • vladu

    ohh i want that supreme plasic classy

  • doutresbien

    this is just awful besides maybe 3,7,12 and maybe 8 these are all a joke

  • Adam F

    what the hell, you got a guy with a HBA shirt dress and someone rocking one of those Wubby-type pant legs at his crotch…




    15 is such a blow to da pinz credibility, and this photographer. Never have I seen someone as accurately representing what fuccboi means.

  • Eduardo Meneses

    The pumas in #11 were pretty sweet… it still is cool that people are out there doing there thing, whether it comes off as being a fuccboi or not.

  • Datruckus

    Slide 13 is the first time I haven’t straight up hated Pyrex

    Got major fuccboi feelings after that realization

  • So It Begins

    So im originally from brooklyn and i have been living in jersey for quite sometime now. Went to the city this weekend for my girls bday and we do the airbnb thing. The host ask me oh do u want me show u around the city i was like nah im from the city. She gonna say i wouldnt have known since ur wearing a yankees cap. Is wearing a fitted new era cap a tourist thing now wth. Am i buggin.

  • Cosmos Moses

    slide 5.
    would eat those lips.