New York City Street Style: May 27, 2014

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Joost

    #7 Moyd Flonnie Mayweather lookin down at TINY giving head bruh

  • Brap!

    #6 hobo got them ill pants though

    • Dick Rooster

      Agreed. Homeboy with the Zacky’s (LOL) bag looking like a joke, but the hobo’s swag is undeniable.

    • cozyKev

      with the elegant man tunic to match

    • LSP

      Hobo’s whole fit is on point tbh

    • Obie J

      That’s tha Denmark Vessey #CultClassic

  • ll

    it’s like 89 degrees outside today, how these niggas wearing sweaters and scarves and jackets and shit. wtf.

  • StupidLisaGarbageFace

    Its still cool enough during the nights to wear leather but damn, during the day? must have category 5 sweat storm in them pits.

  • disqus_944TVOoMyY

    Sweaty-ass goons.

  • TakashamiPapi

    Fashion Bros should just do a segment where they rip all of these dudes apart…

  • James

    backward pants is plain ‘ol ‘tarded

  • Dillon

    As per usual; NO GIRLS

    • ShutTheFuckUp


      • Dillon

        girls by their side, fucking idiot


    Another sub-par “street style” delivery from George Elder. I’d hate to see what the out takes look like.

  • stopitrightnow

    slide 1 this guy is fucking wear a belt backwards someone tell this nigga he a dummy

    • scot sims

      It goes with wearing your pants on your thighs. That look is 2000.

  • Anthony Sykes II

    Yo #1 looking like a failed Final Fantasy character

  • ortho stice

    Callis looking fly (as always) in 3

  • Jordan Baird

    As per usual about 10% actually look decent.

  • Bé.

    One day I hope I find a photo of me on there. IG: RaisedByStyle

  • TJay

    Pardon my hating, but is it not summer in NYC yet?

  • Adam F

    backwards belt OR NAH