New York City Street Style: November 10, 2013

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.


  • DMac

    Slide 6 tho…

    • GEB


  • Dick Rooster

    Dat combover on slide 5.

  • Guy

    anyone know the jacket on slide 4?

  • checkplease

    basic niggas

  • Dave s

    Anyone know which bra slide 10 is wearing?

    • Pokey

      Ha ha. Lol.
      This slide also made me realize maybe my pants need more zippers.
      Gotta be careful with the sweater over a shirt idea. The shirt underneath has to be a slim fit with minimal details.

  • the Truth

    Slide 11…
    Soggy Try-hard salad right there.
    No bueno

  • yung aquarium

    strugs, everywhere you look, strugs

  • MiGOS

    i see youre trying to make up for that homeless street snaps

    • Hip-hop Expert

      How exactly do you know that any of those people were homeless? Maybe you should quit categorizing people as being impoverished based on their personal appearance. That’s kinda shallow, bro.

      • checkplease

        cool story bro

  • oma

    im i the only one that think all four pinz street style is shit