New York City Street Style: November 9, 2013

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Logic

    don’t understand why slide 5 is here…

  • Simon

    anyone knows the brand of the shoes on picture 7?

  • theneedledrap

    slide 1: light to decent 6
    slide 2: decent to strong 5
    slide 3: decent to strong 6 (left), light to decent 7 (right)
    slide 4: strong 6 to a light 7
    slide 5: strong 1 to light 2
    slide 6: light to decent 8
    slide 7: decent to strong 7
    slide 8: strong 7 to light 8
    slide 9: strong 5 to light 6
    slide 10: light to decent 3 (left), strong 7 to light 8 (right)

    FAV LOOKS: 6,8,10 RIGHT



      What is this project runway?



  • ol son

    slide 5 male or female? inquiring minds want to know

  • loganiq

    if worn properly the jacket in slide 5 would look sick

  • Guest

    haha no girls what a bunch of faggots

  • OK_ok

    Those guys in the last picture are the kind of pretentious douchebags you´ll see requesting a “caffè americano” when they actually mean a regular black coffee, ranting about how Arcade Fire is becoming too mainstream while wasting their parents money on an useless art education while living in Williamsburg. Their voice is normally high-pitched and goes up at the end of each sentence.

    • OK_ok needs a girlfriend

      Look who’s mad and trolling again.

      • OK_ok

        I make more money than you do.

        • Shocker

          That’s exactly the kind of statement a douche such as yourself would immediately resort too.
          So you make a lot of money?

          Does it make up for your lack of friends and respect in the world?

          • Guest

            dude’s a faggot

  • Noah Dillon

    Coat in 4?

    • Richard Ross

      Yes anyone no where 2 kawp

  • CON

    too many hipsters that is all

  • Alfred McNeil

    douche bag weekly