New York City Street Style: October 10, 2013

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • by far the coldest

    lol slide 20 american eagle bag

    • Zeus

      must have read that gq article….

  • neto

    Is there normal people in NY?

    • ButtPlugs

      yeah, outside of soho

  • olle

    urawa read dragonssss

  • ButtPlugs

    Air Max 1 Urawas!!

  • David

    The roshes in slide 8>>>

  • Trisan

    This is the worst street style you guys have ever posted.

  • Tim

    What’s the jacket on slide 14?

  • huiche7


  • FuckYourAds

    The ads on this site right now with their fucking videos and music playing nonstop make me hate you so much. I can’t finish a single article because everytime I change the slide the video that I just paused starts again.

    • William Sells

      honestly didn’t even know four pins had ads

      get abp you herb

  • jonnydoman

    if you look closely ken rebel is in the background of slide 21

    • JuvenileTrendsetter

      Is that Joo he’s next to? I can’t tell.

    • Sir

      oh shit

  • cozyKev

    where 2 anti-cop the ratchet hoodie in the background of slide 7

  • Tony

    slide 1 you can’t have gold necklaces AND an iPhone 5c. come the fuck on bruh.





  • Zack McKnight


  • Zack McKnight



    Am I the only one who really loves this one?

  • miost27

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