New York City Yeezus Tour Pop Up Shop Street Style

November 22, 355 Bowery Street, New York.

Photography by Michael Knapp. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • dghadhbfdcgfd

    slide 10 is Aziz Ansari right?

    • Kang Gineaux


  • NoMoPlayinGA

    “You know, for this tour merchandise, I really like and appreciate the appropriation of the Confederate flag; it’s quite a juxtaposition for Yeezus to boldly embrace, even flaunt, such a potent and weighty symbol of our horrific and racist past. With certitude, America shall look at this flag in an entirely new context after this tour.” – Said no one ever.

    • Alex Dreyer

      Duh Virgil designed that when he was high lol.

      • PRiNCETRiLLiAM

        “designed” lol, he pasted a flag on an Alpha Industries jacket

        • REGG

          bro didnt had to put the link, we all kinda get this was an alpha industries jacket.

          • PRiNCETRiLLiAM
      • NoMoPlayinGA

        Look, I waited almost a full day to respond, but no one has said the obvious, so I’ll help you:

        If he designed that flag to put on anything, then he is a time-traveling wizard who got to hang out with the North VA Confederate Army (and not get enslaved), AND he then “designed” this line of clothing that is available at the most ubiquitous of mall stores (which speaks volumes to the creator’s intent), on both the North and South ends of the Mason-Dixon Line….and yet, after all that, in perpetuity, it still is this: a symbol of slavery, and all the atrocities that it entails.


        • Alex Dreyer

          Dont over think it. I was high when I wrote that.

  • JoshDupee

    Nice jacket

  • cheet-cheet


  • James Jean

    Please tell me number nine is a mirror reflecting off of itself and not two different d00des dressed alike.

  • Silo Ltd

    number four on that urban outfitters struggle

    • MT

      Check slide 5, the kid might be 15 years old, and Im pretty sure those are red flyknit chukkas.

  • oma

    first slide slide is fucked up, i dont usually get around drape/sweats game – this is how its done