New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part I

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Josh

    Good to see #menswear toned down

  • Shelly, Faery Queen

    These guys don’t give 2 fucks about the sunny weather

  • PAIN

    Fuckboys, fuckboys everywhere

  • PAIN

    Fuckboys, fuckboys everywhere

  • Alexander

    I’m going to just say it. Mandals are hideous. Just because your tevas/crocs are made of Italian leather does not mean they are #menswear. Please do not perpetuate them.

  • huiche7

    JIAN SLIDE 16? Cool dude

  • Trisan

    What the hell is happening in slide 26??



  • Just curious

    I wanna know what tee is Eugene Tong wearing.

  • Ken P


  • Yaniv Chen

    Where is Robert Rabensteiners shirt from?

  • h.i.w.

    michael hainey forever

  • Captain BlazeЯ

    blaze, blazer, blazer, blazer, boorrrrinnnggg

  • john

    please dont put photos of people’s feet on the internet.

  • Jamie McKeon

    hardhats skrong fw13/14???

  • cozyKev

    #13’s tie is fucking his shirt #shirtporn #bussit

  • Matthew Pike

    Bruce’s pj shirt is the best thing going here, for me.

  • hugesunglasses

    Holy shit. This slideshow is trolling right? Or at the very least my man was hungover and didn’t feel like working. Dude in the gladiators should apply to be diddy’s assistant