New York Fashion Week Street Style: Part II

See all of George's Four Pins street style here.

George Elder is a photographer living in New York. See more of his work here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • nerd-182

    is it just me or are there more ridiculous facial expressions than usual in this?

    • Nerd

      hello nerd

  • Dick Rooster


    • John Mayer

      im just tryin to express my soul

  • NP10

    #12 just murdered the whole game

    • Sjoerd K.

      I think too much necklaces, otherwise perfect.

  • Jerms

    #13 Thizz face?

  • queb

    #15’s Boy brand bomber jacket = disqualification.

  • Matt

    Pretty sure Nish never washes the soul glo out of his hair.

  • ItsAstruggle

    lol the asians got the dumbfounded faces as per usual

  • Anthony Osei

    Anyone know what brand that leather-sleeve jacket dude has on in Slide 5?

  • きつね

    WTF is #11

    • Gineaux

      That’s Siva from “The Wanted”